Spend A Moment

Philip W. Mastrandrea Jr., 42, Chatham, N.J., USA
trader, Cantor Fitzgerald
Confirmed dead, World Trade Center, at/in building

This name can be found among so many other names; usually between Michael Massaroli and Rudolp Mastrocinque. It seems a bit cold there in black and white without mention of loved ones or various life accomplishments. So, I added Philip’s picture. Now, along with the name we also see a face; a smiling face frozen in a moment of time. A face that was a part of the lives of those around him; family, friends, coworkers and others that he simply passed on his way to work.

Look into Philip’s eyes and you can see joy, can you not? Perhaps this joy was a result of the person on the other side of the camera. Perhaps this joy was an overall outlook that Philip was blessed to enjoy. Perhaps this joy was knowing how to spend moments.

By publishing this post I am effectively adding Philip to yet another list; a list of the victims of September 11th that are being remembered through the efforts of 2996. However, I would like to suggest that there may be more meaningful ways that we all could pay tribute to those individuals who lost their lives on this day five years ago. May a look into Philip’s eyes prompt you also to spend a moment. Spend a moment caressing your child’s cheek, hugging a loved one a bit longer, shaking a colleague’s hand with genuine sincerity or simply spend a moment considering the joy in your own life.