Well, I attempted this endeavor twice before and both times an overwhelming desire to edit became my downfall. This year I will try to suppress that urge and actually complete a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

There are several people here on LwC who are throwing caution to the wind and partaking of the same madness. Jaki has successfully completed 2 novels in as many years, and good reads both of them. Clint is also poised and ready to go. He actually has a plot, characters and yellow stickies strewn about. I guess there’s always one.

While I’m listing a few writers whose work I’ve enjoyed here in the blogosphere, let me once again point everyone to Tim Chesterton’s piece of recreational fiction. While not accomplished in 30 days, and certainly not limited to 50,000 words, his is a wonderful story you will not regret reading. If not satisfied, I personally will return your complete purchase price no questions asked.

OK, so there you have it. In less than 2 hours the fun begins… anybody have an idea for a story? 😎

Prayer Request for Coworker

Below is a message from my boss in PA. It is in regard to a coworker, Cu. Cu has lived an interesting story. He came to this country from Vietnam in the early 70’s. Prior to coming to this country he was in a budding relationship with a young lady. The relationship was put on hold as they each had an opportunity to leave Vietnam — separately and at different times. Cu was in the US for almost 2 years when he happened upon his future wife’s father. It was then that he learned that she was living within 2 hours from where he had settled. The rest, as they say, is history. Cu is warm hearted and has a mentoring nature about him. I am immensly grateful for his impact on me professionally and as a friend. As you read the message below, please lift Cu and his family in prayer. Many thanks!… Jeff

I’ve been getting many questions on the status of Cu, so I thought I would attempt to sum them up as best I can.

Cu was admitted to Lancaster General Hospital last Monday morning for pnemonia in both lungs. He was placed in the Intermediate Intensive Care Unit of the hospital and is still there today. Due to difficulty in breathing, he is on a ventilator and a feeding tube. On Friday, a Broncoscopy was performed in an attempt to determine why he was not responding more positively to the treatment that he was receiving. I’m not sure if any results of that procedure have come back as of yet.

Last week, we sent a card to Cu that several of us had signed. We also attempted to send flowers, but the ICU does not allow flowers in the rooms. I also speak with his wife almost daily about Cu’s status.

It seems as though Cu (and his wife) could really use our prayers in this difficult time.