That Look On Your Face

From that look on your face, I’m guessing you’re wondering what exactly to get me for Christmas. I understand your dilemma. I have seen that look often in years past. Usually, I wait it out and see what creativity is summoned and the results are usually rather interesting. Well, this year I will remove the anxiety from your Christmas shopping by giving you some specific gift ideas.

At the top of my list is a healthy heifer. Now I realize that this is a rather pricey gift. If a heifer is beyond your means then how about a sheep or Llama. No, no, wait… a water buffalo would make me the talk of the neighborhood! OK, so the water buffalo is again a bit pricey but I suspect that just maybe someone could swing it. If not how about some adorable bunnies? A very practical gift might be some honeybees. Yes, I love honey!

So, I hope this list helps you find that perfect gift and here are some more details to help you. I also hope you find this Christmas shopping experience the most meaningful ever.

OK, now that look tells me something completely different 😉