Yep, Here We Are Again

It hit 64ﹾ here today so I am having serious doubts that it is actually about to be January anytime soon. This observation aside, my bride assures me that tomorrow is New Years day. I’ve learned not to doubt her on these matters.

With my place in time firmly established, I feel compelled to put together some resolutions or something. I guess I should start with the perenial annoyance of tighter britches. I was actually about to write “exercise more” or “try some new fangled diet”, but decided otherwise. After all, it is a resolution I would like to fulfill. So with that in mind… “purchase larger pants.”

Second resolution, “read more.” This one is actually pretty cool having gotten two Barnes & Noble giftcards for Christmas. I’m thinking I can go ahead and place a check mark next to this one.

Finally, I fancy myself a banjo player. I’ve actually had a banjo for several years and I do so enjoy good banjo playing. I have purchased several instructional DVDs and books and have spent a good deal of time trying to teach myself to play the banjo. Last on my list… “seek professional help.”

Actually, I feel better already, having put together my list. I am a bit suspect as to whether I should’ve made it so public. I mean, now I must work all that much harder to fulfill. You are not about to let me slip up… are you?