I was heading down the driveway and into the cul d’ sac for what I am not all that sure; perhaps to get the mail or something. Coming out of their driveway was a neighbor pushing a baby stroller. I waved and said, “Hi!” They have an adorable little girl who is growing like a weed. I noticed it was a double-stroller. We exchanged pleasantries and I moved a bit closer. There was a second child in the stroller. I asked how the family was doing and if they were enjoying the incredible weather we’ve been having and I’m told that they certainly were. They continued on their walk and I went into the house. I looked at my bride and asked, “Did you know so-and-so had another baby?” To which she responded, “Sure, she should be about four or five weeks old by now.”

I was the first home after work so I dutifully let the dog out for a squirt and a squeeze. I was meandering about waiting as the dog took his good old time. Our next door neighbor was out on his porch. I responded to his “hello” with one of my one. I asked him how he is doing and he told me he should have the brace off by the end of the week. Brace? I strolled over for a better look. The guy was having a crazy time moving about. I asked what in the world happened to him. He told me of a mishap at work and that the doctors thought he may have cracked his hip. I asked when this happened and he said, “oh, about a week and a half ago.”

I was coming back to work from lunch and noticed several co-workers in the parking lot returning at the same time. I asked where they had gone for lunch? They told me they had just stopped for some quick takeout as they returned from another coworker’s mother’s funeral.

I have several other examples such as these and am proud of none of them. We live within sight of at least a dozen families. These are families that are living their lives right there around us. Families who certainly have needs; some small, perhaps some not so small. Families who like to be thought about. Families who would enjoy a kind word and a caring notion. While I am not a ‘people person’ in the schmoozing politician sense of the word, I like to think that I care about people. Perhaps I should get off my lazy bum and engage in my neighborhood.

Did I tell you we often drive to the park to take a walk…