Diggin’ It

Things are looking more familiar around here. I’ve been able to put most all the pieces back where they were. I must say that I am diggin’ the modularity of the new LwC template system. I suspect we may not be realizing the full potential for some time.

Might the future hold some cool AJAXness where the user drags and drops components onto a blank sheet and out the other end is excreted and working, custom blog? Now that would be cool 😎

While Not The Rapture

What are you likely to be doing when, “in the twinkling of an eye…”?

For me it was during a fun moment shared among three friends. Enjoying a silly joke. We were sitting there chuckling. Me behind the steering wheel, Mike in the passenger seat and our coworker Rosie sitting in the back. The traffic light was red so we sat there third in the queue; going nowhere fast.

Now, I’ve been lead to expect a trumpet blast or some other “OK, let’s go” type signal. certainly not an abrupt, eery, crunch sound with an accompanying sharp forward jerk and a quick snap back. Yep, that is exactly how it happened.

Now, considering the evidence; myself, Mike and Rosie all still there in the car — and that there is a good chance a sincere Scofield dispensationalist will likely read this post at some point here in the present — it was not the rapture that we experienced. But, at that moment neither did I realize that it was a recent model Ford Expedition with it’s front bumper in my trunk.

We are all fine and unharmed and for that I am exceedingly grateful. The aftermath:

Samuel’s Sharing Again

Samuel wrote the oddest things. I began reading his blog a couple of years ago out of an interest for that period in time as well as out of a facination with reading history through the eyes of someone who lived it.

With Samuel writing as he goes along and lives life, you are never quite sure what may be on his mind on any given day. Well, today it was the following:

…and at night being myself better than I was by taking a glyster, which did carry away a great deal of wind,…

Some things are better left unshared, even several hundred years later.

An LwC Ol’ Timer

Dan has been hanging around LwC for quite some time. The database says he got started around 4/30/2004. Dan was one of several bloggers here at LwC that were very kind to me as I got started and Dan has always made it a point to stop in and visit every so often; always with a kind word.

Over a year ago Dan began another blog here at LwC to record his Wife’s battle with cancer. In his first post on this new blog, Dan remembers when he and Meg got back together after a short split while dating. Dan recalls:

It was like something inside me switched on, and suddenly I knew that I could not live life without Meg.

That was some 30 years ago. The switch in me has stayed on by God’s grace, and by His grace I pray she will continue to light up my life for many more years.

In Dan’s most recent post he shares with us that Meg has lost her battle with Cancer. I can only imagine what Dan is experiencing right now, but I have faith in Someone who knows exactly what Dan is going through. I shall pray for Dan and the family and friends of Meg. I invite you to send a little LwC love Dan’s way knowing that even half-a-world away it can have a powerful impact.

Cheek Turnin’

For the past several weeks the messages at church have been navigating through the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7) and it is customary to have a Sunday where the message time is set aside for a few people from the community to share their thoughts and reflections on the recent series of sermons. This past Sunday, along with two other people, I had the privilege to share. The first person spoke regarding the merciful. the second shared her thoughts on the meek. I took a look at turning the other cheek.

We’ve recently begun recording the messages as mp3 files and you can find my portion of Sunday’s talk here. So, whether you’re actually interested in my seven minute reflection on turning the other cheek, or you’re just curious about what this dislocated yankee sounds like, give it a listen.