While Not The Rapture

What are you likely to be doing when, “in the twinkling of an eye…”?

For me it was during a fun moment shared among three friends. Enjoying a silly joke. We were sitting there chuckling. Me behind the steering wheel, Mike in the passenger seat and our coworker Rosie sitting in the back. The traffic light was red so we sat there third in the queue; going nowhere fast.

Now, I’ve been lead to expect a trumpet blast or some other “OK, let’s go” type signal. certainly not an abrupt, eery, crunch sound with an accompanying sharp forward jerk and a quick snap back. Yep, that is exactly how it happened.

Now, considering the evidence; myself, Mike and Rosie all still there in the car — and that there is a good chance a sincere Scofield dispensationalist will likely read this post at some point here in the present — it was not the rapture that we experienced. But, at that moment neither did I realize that it was a recent model Ford Expedition with it’s front bumper in my trunk.

We are all fine and unharmed and for that I am exceedingly grateful. The aftermath: