So, What’ve You Been Up To?

So, what’ve you been up to? I’ve been rather busy myself. Life has a way of taking over. I say that not to suggest it is a bad thing. In fact a lot of what has been going on has been quite exciting.

The buggy is back from the shop and perfect timing too with gas prices doing what they are. A few short months ago I was paying $2.69/gal for diesel while others were shelling out about $2.15/gal for gas. Last week I filled up for $2.89/gal while the gas consumers at the same station were parting with $3.11/gal. Regardless of price, the past two weeks I have been fairly consistent in my driving — very few short trips and quick jaunts. With a 32 mile roundtrip each day, and most of it open highway miles, I have finally exceeded 50mpg. When my son and I drove back from PA last November we reached a trip average of 53.3mpg, as seen here in a picture my son took with his phone, but I have been unable to beat the mid 40’s during ‘normal’ driving… until now.

I have also been looking at an interesting option for fuel and intend on writing in some more detail about that thought process. As prices climb, the option is looking more and more obvious. I may even get a custom license plate that reads “OPECWHO”.

A while back I mentioned that a group of us began meeting to consider offering an ESL class in our area of the city. Febuary we began meeting every two weeks to plan out this project and things seem to be coming together well. Our intention is to kick off classes September 5th with a team of about 11 people. We have decided to name our project “English without Borders”. Sidenote: I am routinely amazed by this collection of Chirst followers. This is a team of 11 people from a gathering of about 60 regular attenders. I have been a part of congregations of several hundreds that couldn’t get a dozen people together short of a funeral.

In addition to the Ew/oB project I will began teaching a basic computer use course next Saturday with some students from the beginner “Life in English” class that our coach (Maria) runs. I am really excited about this. I love to share my passion for the use of opensource technology and look forward to opening such a world to others. The tough part will be keeping in mind that the students native tongue is not English and keeping the content within reason. I am starting out small with about 4 students, but Maria tells me of another class of 17 that are also expressing a keen interest. We shall see…

Lastly, the boychild (EvilEmpire to those in the LwC Fantasy Baseball League) graduates highschool in a couple of weeks. This is both exciting and bittersweet. He is our youngest and the house is already seeming a bit empty. Fortunately he will be attending college locally.

Well, that somewhat sums up what’s been going on in these parts. So, what’ve you been up to?