L’Ultimo Re

It all begins with very hot water; the steamier the better. Then somewhere between rinse and repeat I begin to wake up. Sleep slides away with the suds down my shoulders and into the drain. My day is beginning. I squeeze a dollup of conditioner into my palm and I take a deep breath. I begin applying the pearlescent lotion to my scalp when the urge becomes almost uncontrollable. With my lungs full of warm, moist air I let go of a magnificent solo. A powerful vocal wonder that the hearers of which will likely be unable to forget for quite some time. Oh, to my ears it is so sweet… have a listen

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OK, so I’m not fooling you. I mean, who has a piano in their shower anyway, right? …did I mention my family is amazingly tollerant of my ways?

Andrea Bocelli – L’Ultimo Re (The Ultimate/Last King) from the CD Cieli di Toscana