Point In Time Count

The homeless. You’ve seen them. You’ve likely wondered how it is they find themselves in their current predicaments. Perhaps you’ve even prayed for them. It may be that such praying has caused you to ask one of the tougher questions such as, “What can I do?” As I’ve written about before, this is not always an easy matter.

Until the Church steps up and ackowledges its calling, we find ourselves looking to our civil authorities and organizations to care for our neighbors. The organization charged with such caring here in the US is the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To facilitate proper funding and support to address homelessness, HUD requires that communities do a count each year in the last week of January. Communities will also be conducting a bed inventory of housing dedicated to homeless individuals and families. Obviouly such efforts do not get done without sufficient numbers of people getting involved.

I challenge you to step up. See if your community is coordinating such a count and invite yourself to the necessary training sessions and hit the streets. You will be performing a valuable service to your community and you will be taking the opportunity to meet your neighbors — most you would not likely meet under typical circumstances.

hat tip: Al


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