A New Friend

I am making a new friend and I am finding it fascinating. You shall know him as M. M and I are participating in an effort that matches a Christian in the U.S. with a Muslim in Iran into an E-Pal type arrangement. There are some basic guidelines pertaining to respect and some suggested discussion starters, but the idea is that as relationships are built perhaps, in some small way, peacemaking is happening. Will ongoing email conversations prevent some future war? I may not broker world peace, but I can be a diplomat for peace with at least one other person.

We have exchanged a handful of emails and I am enjoying the experience emmensly. M studied English Literature at university and has a part time job teaching private English classes. Among his favorite authors are William Shakespeare and Mark Twain. M lives in Qom, near Tehran and also works in a barber shop.

While M and I are just getting to know each other, I am taken aback by his heart and his forthrightness. Here is a quote from one of his early emails:

…life is good here. These days I am celebrating the birth of Jesus (peace be upon him) with some christian friends of mine (I bought them a santa clause and a snow globe), I love christians and Americans and I believe we can do better, we don’t have to waite for governments, we can make a difference and I’m very glad to share with you what I believe in, and my daily life in Iran.

I’ll keep you posted…