It’s All Graham’s Fault

I want to say that Graham started this mess. He’ll probably claim otherwise…

I am to grab the nearest book and turn to page 123 and read the fifth sentence and the following three…

Dreamland by Jaki Ffrence (yes, LwC’s very own waki from down under — who has a birthday coming up soon!)

“But…” Lilac said still nervous about putting herself in danger “are not all dragons going to hurt us?”

“He says that you should watch for black ones, and that ones with other colors are not to be feared.”

They stood, still hesitating and moved behind Daniel, the Dragon shifted in front of them his scales glimmering golden in the sunshine, his large form filling the path before them.

I won’t hurt any of you.” He breathed, but only Daniel heard it.

Those who shall now consider themselves tug: Clint, Kimbrah, Eddie and Dave.