Dinner and a Movie

My daughter really likes watching movies with her dad.
My daughter really likes that her dad loves watching movies with her.

Recent my daughter and I watched the musical Rent. She has been talking about it for awhile so I put it on our online queue and when it came in we planned an evening. She made fajitas.

I am of the more traditional musical bent — Guys and Dolls, Hello Dolly… — you know what I mean. So, I was a bit suspect of Rent. To begin with, the story is not your typical musical fodder. It is a very gritty story about relationships; some breaking, some mending. It is about injustices; speaking out against, living with. It is about AIDS.

It is a well written story. I would have liked to have been taken deeper with some of the aspects, but it is a musical. There is a particular song of which one line went, “The opposite of war is not peace, it is creation.”

Imagine, if you will, Americans bringing peace to Iraq.
Imagine, if you will, Americans and Iraqis, together, creating…