Favorite People

Last evening I got to spend time with some of my favorite people. I have many. We had a great time. I don’t know that you would consider these people special by any worldly measure, but they do my soul wonders just to spend time among them. There is one particular person — let’s call him DB — who has been a particular blessing. He has experienced a lot of life and has a ton more to enjoy. We arrived at our meeting place about the same time, DB and I. He got out of his vehicle whistling like a song bird. I like whistling.

DB was in high spirits and even remembered his hearing aids, which he noted at the beginning of our gathering. It was a wonderful evening. DB has collected some wonderful stories and he has such a genuine manner about him when he shares these stories. Last night he shared a story of his experience spending summers at an Uncle’s farm. I was thinking today about how to retell this story here for you. I wanted to make sure I captured the nuances of the story as DB shared it last night. There was a certain travel-back-with-me-as-I-share-a-bit-of-my-life-with-you aspect to DB’s presentation style. Given that, I have decided not to attempt a retelling and instead pray that you one day have the pleasure of DB telling you the story himself. Just remind him it is the one with the stern Uncle, the cistern and nature’s call. He’ll know which one you’re talking about. Oh, and tell him I sent you…

Little Gruntings of Pain

Occassionally I share some snippets of what is going on, or shall I say what has gone on, in Samuel Pepys’ life. Well, on Saturday 13 May 1665 he recorded this assessment of his day:

Up, and all day in some little gruntings of pain, as I used to have from winde, arising I think from my fasting so long, and want of exercise, and I think going so hot in clothes, the weather being hot, and the same clothes I wore all winter.

Might I suggest we be careful what we ‘record’. Who knows who might be reading things someday.

14th Time

This evening in the second game of a doubleheader, the Cleveland Indians’ second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera turned an unassisted tripleplay. That means he made all three outs in one play without assistance from other players. Of course it helps when the runner stands there like a deer staring into headlights. I have never seen one live and the fact that this has only been the 14th one in the history of MLB suggests I won’t likely beeing seeing one live.

This has such an insignificant bearing on the rest of life, but it does cause me to pause and say, “Cool!”