A Look Back

Today is August 20th and do you know what that means? Well, except for some friend’s 20th anniversary, very little — hey Stan and Brenda, you guys rock!

I was doing the odd bit of figurative navel gazing earlier today and realized that while historically this day holds little significance in my life, July 15th did… and not just because it was my firstborn’s 22nd birthday. Nope. July 15th was my 4th blog’versary and to celebrate in fitting fashion I shall see just how often I can use the superscript tag. That would be 7 in just the 1st two paragraph alone; uh, make that 8.

I took some time to look back over some old posts and wondered which I thought best represented a look ‘inside’ if you will. Some of what you may see is not all that flattering; some is downright rude. Perhaps one of the better posts for providing a glimpse may just be one of those meme thingies. Or, maybe simply my story.

I have also enjoyed the opportunities to release some pent up creativity. I have used some fun online writing prompts such as the one to describe the kitchen of my childhood. Another prompt was to share my greatest fear. There have other dabblings in poetry, including the odd haiku; mostly rather dark though. Except for this one. Sometimes a post’s purpose is no more than to give me a chuckle.

There have been the occassional look into the family; especially the kids. I suspect that my Daughter has gotten the most press. I mean, she is a sweetheart! Yes, a sweetheart, but she also knows just how to play her Dad. I suppose it is somewhat cliche’ for a father to say I am proud of my Son. But, I am… quite. Then there’s my Bride. She still has that touch.

I haven’t written a whole bunch about my parents; noticeablly so my Mom. I suspect moms hold a place that we don’t really let others peek into. I don’t know. I did share about my Dad and an evening after baseball practice that continues to be a huge touchpoint in my life. Looking back, I suspect my Dad’s impact was typically more subtle than I may have realized. Even now, my Dad having passed away seven years ago, my Brother and I hold his memory rather gently.

Something else I have enjoyed writing about almost as much as experiencing, has been people I have met and then taking the time to consider the moment. I don’t do this nearly as much as I think needs to be done; considering the moment that is. I think back on people like saints such as Mrs. S. Now, while I treasure the opportunity to meet a variety of people, and I hope it is just but a beginning, there are some experiences that have been a bit more troubling.

Yes, I have enjoyed this look back and I was also going to include a list of bloggers that played a role earlier on in both helping me get set up as well as encouraging me. Yes, I was going to include a list… but, since I have a habit of forgetting, I want to avoid inadvertantly missing someone. Suffice it to say that you all are appreciated. Thank you!