What? 2009?

When did that happen?

What follows here is just some odd ramblings as I stumble into the new year, head spinning and eyes still getting used to a pair of multifocal contact lenses. The doctor said to give myself several days to get used to them and to not keep looking through just one or the other. Yep, that was the thing to tell me. All the way home it was, with right eye closed, “hey, look how clear I can see close up”; close left eye, “hey, look how clear that sign is up there.” Never tell me not to.

If you ever take notice of the fm.com thingy at the bottom of my right column over there — the thingy that seems not to be working right now — you may notice that I am rediscovering Warren Zevon. Actually, what I am discovering is Amazon’s mp3 downloader. That in cahoots with their one-click payment is potentially very draining.

I was to be traveling up to PA next week on business, but as it turns out the reason for the meeting is in the hospital. The French are not very open with details so I have no idea what is specifically the issue, but if you feel so led please send one up for Laurentin. So, this means I am staying home here in North Carolina where it has suddenly gotten very cold. I think the recent fair weather streak was part of the reason that the new year snuck up and right on by me.

A shoutout to all those involved with Resolution. I think it is a great idea and a wonderful way to provide support and encouragement! Personally, I forgot to make any resolutions this year. My bride and I were talking about it the other night and I said that I would like to be able to do something on New Years Day 2010 that I couldn’t do on New Years Day 2009. I’m open to ideas. I must say that I think I had reasonable success with my 2008 resolution.

We are in the middle of our Sunday School Winter semester. I am having the considerable pleasure of leading a class that we are calling Scripture Through a Lens. We have a list of Bible verses submitted by the class. From this list we take one verse per week and hunt for a photograph that best expresses how that week’s verse speaks to us. We are allowed to use pictures we have taken before. The photos are emailed to me and I then compile them into a slide show that we walk through Sunday morning and have some great conversation along the way. There are some tremendous photographs and it has been a bunch of fun for me.

As 2009 gets rolling I am thinking that I am forgetting to share something I had in mind to. I suppose it just gives me a reason to put together another post before long.

Be Peace!