"Mad At a Myth"

“Mad At a Myth” is a poem by Phillip E. Long and you can find it in its entirity here. There are several nuggets that I thoroughly enjoy in this poem. My favorite nugget is likely this bit:

I think some of you are mad at Jesus but,
If you ask me, it doesn’t add up.
I mean, I’m not that good at math and
I don’t understand the Holy Trinity,

But I took trigonometry three times
Before I could admit there was anything
I would never figure out completely like?
How could you be so mad — at a myth?

No one holds grudges against Santa and the Tooth fairy
Or mythical beings like Thor and Zeus.
When it comes to personal insult and injury,
Fictional hallucinations are never abused.

What I think I enjoy most is its length. As I read it I am repeatedly thinking, “Oh, that was good. How about some more?” — and there is. I have made several attempts at writing some thoughts into poems and I routinely get started and quickly decide to bring it to an end before I ramble and make less and less sense of the point. God bless the Haiku!