Tuesdays with Nicole

For about a month now I have been meeting my daughter for breakfast Tuesday mornings. We meet at a local coffee/bagel shop before heading to work. I really enjoy this time with her. I am always the first to arrive for our breakfast. Nicole is typically not distracted by being on time. I have come to believe this is a genetic predisposition for which she can thank her mother.

Nicole has a busy life full of all kinds of distractions; some more serious than other — not unlike most 22 year olds. She is working full time and going to school part time as well as working with a young boy through the Autism Society part time. Nicole has an incredible heart, for which I also think her mother deserves a genetic nod.

Nicole has been dating a wonderful young man for long enough to suggest it will be with him that she spends her future. With this comes the likely prospect that she will be moving away in the not too distant future; maybe next year, perhaps the following. It is this prospect that has me holding jealously tight to my Tuesday mornings all the more.