Thought I Would be More Productive

I did not intend for it to be this long. One would think I had a bit to say. While not necessarily earth shattering, or even highly interesting, it has been eventful.

For starters, I am extremely craving moompies. Not exactly sure why, as it is not among my favorites. But now you know. Oh, my son, Jared, and his girlfriend, Meghan, have bought a home. Very nice, but so empty. Their apartment was a bit smaller and nice and furnished. It gives them something to enjoy, put together and enjoy as a statement of ‘them’. They were looking to paint the bedroom when we visited. Such creativity. It will be enjoyable to watch.

My daughter, Nicole, recently moved into a row home that she and a friend will be renting. She is spending weekends in Charleslet with her Tayler, her boyfriend. He recently graduated from NCSU and is finding his mark in a new job. Best of wishes to them.

As I said, there has been a bit going on lately of which I hope to share more than I have lately.

…till next time.