Family That Blogs Together

Well, my Tuesday’s with Nicole continue to be a high point of my weeks and the thought of her moving back home is exciting (another post). What is really cool, is that she is now blogging. OK, she has not yet laid down a trend to know if she will be any more prolific than her old man, but I do so enjoy reading her stuff… and it is not just because she says sweet things about her dad. So, go over and visit and while your there leave some comment love.

What? 2009?

When did that happen?

What follows here is just some odd ramblings as I stumble into the new year, head spinning and eyes still getting used to a pair of multifocal contact lenses. The doctor said to give myself several days to get used to them and to not keep looking through just one or the other. Yep, that was the thing to tell me. All the way home it was, with right eye closed, “hey, look how clear I can see close up”; close left eye, “hey, look how clear that sign is up there.” Never tell me not to.

If you ever take notice of the thingy at the bottom of my right column over there — the thingy that seems not to be working right now — you may notice that I am rediscovering Warren Zevon. Actually, what I am discovering is Amazon’s mp3 downloader. That in cahoots with their one-click payment is potentially very draining.

I was to be traveling up to PA next week on business, but as it turns out the reason for the meeting is in the hospital. The French are not very open with details so I have no idea what is specifically the issue, but if you feel so led please send one up for Laurentin. So, this means I am staying home here in North Carolina where it has suddenly gotten very cold. I think the recent fair weather streak was part of the reason that the new year snuck up and right on by me.

A shoutout to all those involved with Resolution. I think it is a great idea and a wonderful way to provide support and encouragement! Personally, I forgot to make any resolutions this year. My bride and I were talking about it the other night and I said that I would like to be able to do something on New Years Day 2010 that I couldn’t do on New Years Day 2009. I’m open to ideas. I must say that I think I had reasonable success with my 2008 resolution.

We are in the middle of our Sunday School Winter semester. I am having the considerable pleasure of leading a class that we are calling Scripture Through a Lens. We have a list of Bible verses submitted by the class. From this list we take one verse per week and hunt for a photograph that best expresses how that week’s verse speaks to us. We are allowed to use pictures we have taken before. The photos are emailed to me and I then compile them into a slide show that we walk through Sunday morning and have some great conversation along the way. There are some tremendous photographs and it has been a bunch of fun for me.

As 2009 gets rolling I am thinking that I am forgetting to share something I had in mind to. I suppose it just gives me a reason to put together another post before long.

Be Peace!

A Look Back

Today is August 20th and do you know what that means? Well, except for some friend’s 20th anniversary, very little — hey Stan and Brenda, you guys rock!

I was doing the odd bit of figurative navel gazing earlier today and realized that while historically this day holds little significance in my life, July 15th did… and not just because it was my firstborn’s 22nd birthday. Nope. July 15th was my 4th blog’versary and to celebrate in fitting fashion I shall see just how often I can use the superscript tag. That would be 7 in just the 1st two paragraph alone; uh, make that 8.

I took some time to look back over some old posts and wondered which I thought best represented a look ‘inside’ if you will. Some of what you may see is not all that flattering; some is downright rude. Perhaps one of the better posts for providing a glimpse may just be one of those meme thingies. Or, maybe simply my story.

I have also enjoyed the opportunities to release some pent up creativity. I have used some fun online writing prompts such as the one to describe the kitchen of my childhood. Another prompt was to share my greatest fear. There have other dabblings in poetry, including the odd haiku; mostly rather dark though. Except for this one. Sometimes a post’s purpose is no more than to give me a chuckle.

There have been the occassional look into the family; especially the kids. I suspect that my Daughter has gotten the most press. I mean, she is a sweetheart! Yes, a sweetheart, but she also knows just how to play her Dad. I suppose it is somewhat cliche’ for a father to say I am proud of my Son. But, I am… quite. Then there’s my Bride. She still has that touch.

I haven’t written a whole bunch about my parents; noticeablly so my Mom. I suspect moms hold a place that we don’t really let others peek into. I don’t know. I did share about my Dad and an evening after baseball practice that continues to be a huge touchpoint in my life. Looking back, I suspect my Dad’s impact was typically more subtle than I may have realized. Even now, my Dad having passed away seven years ago, my Brother and I hold his memory rather gently.

Something else I have enjoyed writing about almost as much as experiencing, has been people I have met and then taking the time to consider the moment. I don’t do this nearly as much as I think needs to be done; considering the moment that is. I think back on people like saints such as Mrs. S. Now, while I treasure the opportunity to meet a variety of people, and I hope it is just but a beginning, there are some experiences that have been a bit more troubling.

Yes, I have enjoyed this look back and I was also going to include a list of bloggers that played a role earlier on in both helping me get set up as well as encouraging me. Yes, I was going to include a list… but, since I have a habit of forgetting, I want to avoid inadvertantly missing someone. Suffice it to say that you all are appreciated. Thank you!

It’s All Graham’s Fault

I want to say that Graham started this mess. He’ll probably claim otherwise…

I am to grab the nearest book and turn to page 123 and read the fifth sentence and the following three…

Dreamland by Jaki Ffrence (yes, LwC’s very own waki from down under — who has a birthday coming up soon!)

“But…” Lilac said still nervous about putting herself in danger “are not all dragons going to hurt us?”

“He says that you should watch for black ones, and that ones with other colors are not to be feared.”

They stood, still hesitating and moved behind Daniel, the Dragon shifted in front of them his scales glimmering golden in the sunshine, his large form filling the path before them.

I won’t hurt any of you.” He breathed, but only Daniel heard it.

Those who shall now consider themselves tug: Clint, Kimbrah, Eddie and Dave.

I Dig…

Pastor Burt saw it fit to tag me with one of the latest memes making it’s way around blogland. Since, as PB points out, I havn’t posted for several days, I figured I’d give this one a go. The point to this one is to list five things I dig about Jesus. Ya know, I was around the first time that to ‘dig’ something had nothing to do with a spade or dirt. If ‘dig’ can make a come back then ‘groovy’ can hardly be far behind…

OK, here is the official bit:

Those tagged will share 5 Things They Dig About Jesus.
Those tagged will tag 5 people.
Those tagged will leave a link to their meme in the comments section of this post so everyone can keep track of what’s being posted.

Here are my five things that I “dig” about Jesus:

  1. Where I long for retribution, Jesus turns the other cheek.
  2. Where I desire comfort, Jesus walks with the dirty and hungry.
  3. Where I find fault, Jesus sees a brother.
  4. Where I judge, Jesus weeps.
  5. Where I stumble, Jesus encourages.

So, if you’ve reached this far in the post and are hesitantly scrolling down to see if you’ve been tagged, then consider yourself so tug. I look forward to your groovy list 😉

Diggin’ It

Things are looking more familiar around here. I’ve been able to put most all the pieces back where they were. I must say that I am diggin’ the modularity of the new LwC template system. I suspect we may not be realizing the full potential for some time.

Might the future hold some cool AJAXness where the user drags and drops components onto a blank sheet and out the other end is excreted and working, custom blog? Now that would be cool 😎

An LwC Ol’ Timer

Dan has been hanging around LwC for quite some time. The database says he got started around 4/30/2004. Dan was one of several bloggers here at LwC that were very kind to me as I got started and Dan has always made it a point to stop in and visit every so often; always with a kind word.

Over a year ago Dan began another blog here at LwC to record his Wife’s battle with cancer. In his first post on this new blog, Dan remembers when he and Meg got back together after a short split while dating. Dan recalls:

It was like something inside me switched on, and suddenly I knew that I could not live life without Meg.

That was some 30 years ago. The switch in me has stayed on by God’s grace, and by His grace I pray she will continue to light up my life for many more years.

In Dan’s most recent post he shares with us that Meg has lost her battle with Cancer. I can only imagine what Dan is experiencing right now, but I have faith in Someone who knows exactly what Dan is going through. I shall pray for Dan and the family and friends of Meg. I invite you to send a little LwC love Dan’s way knowing that even half-a-world away it can have a powerful impact.