That Shriek You Heard

…was me having been informed what books are going to cost this semester.

We have worked, and are working, very hard to see the kids through school without them having to incur debt. While certainly not easy, we have been able to live up to that goal, thus far. With this next semester’s tuition taken care of for both my son and my daughter, I was just delivered a painful blow. Jared needs a math book that is going for $110 USED!!! A new one is bringing down over $150.

I understand the economies of a small market of which college students needing this book is one. But, I cannot for the life of me imagine a math book with a real value of $150. I mean it is not like math is a very dynamic and volatile subject matter.

There’s got to be a book from the ’80s that can be had for $150 per dozen.

That Stings

Noticed over at Tantalizing if True:

Islam and Christianity

Many of them cling to presuppositions such as these:

1. They believe that God approves of waging war to defend their beliefs.
2. Though their faith has spread throughout the world, they believe that one culture is divinely inspired.
3. They see God?s will as unalterably predestined.
4. They oppose theological interpretations that disagree with the established commentaries.

And so do many Muslims.

…hat tip to Art.

Responsibilities of Others

Your home is devastated,
you do not set aside your fear and
consider distruction around the globe.

Your child is murdered,
you do not set aside your grief and
consider terror around the glode.

Your stomach is bloated,
you do not set aside your pain and
consider starvation around the globe.

These are responsibilities of others.