Some Things Never Change

Up, and this day being the day than: by a promise, a great while ago, made to my wife, I was to give her 20l. to lay out in clothes against Easter, she did, notwithstanding last night’s falling out, come to peace with me and I with her, but did boggle mightily at the parting with my money, but at last did give it her, and then she abroad to buy her things, and I to my office, where busy all the morning.

— Samuel Pepys’ Diary, Wednesday 1 March 1664/65

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days? While still fairly productive, it just seems to drag. I am yawning without ceasing. I find myself staring out into nothing. What I find the most troubling is that I am very… how should I say this?… very, cantankerous.

That in itself would not be all too concerning to those around me if it weren’t for the fact that, when in one of these funks, I like to share the experience. As I’m sure you’ve heard, “misery loves company.” I must say though that sharing this ‘misery’ often does help lift the worst of it from myself. But, I ask myself, “is that really fair?” Then I reply to myself, “who said anything about fair?” Then I… oh, you get the point.

As I was sitting here eating my lunch I began to ponder the idea that maybe one’s community actually has a responsibility to help in this ‘sharing’ if it serves to help another member of that community. This almost sounds very brotherly and even the loving thing to do. In pondering this further I question who am I to deprive my community from serving in this capacity; the capacity of load bearer. I ponder… then I conclude… on my drive home this evening… I shall do the speed limit!

That Shriek You Heard

…was me having been informed what books are going to cost this semester.

We have worked, and are working, very hard to see the kids through school without them having to incur debt. While certainly not easy, we have been able to live up to that goal, thus far. With this next semester’s tuition taken care of for both my son and my daughter, I was just delivered a painful blow. Jared needs a math book that is going for $110 USED!!! A new one is bringing down over $150.

I understand the economies of a small market of which college students needing this book is one. But, I cannot for the life of me imagine a math book with a real value of $150. I mean it is not like math is a very dynamic and volatile subject matter.

There’s got to be a book from the ’80s that can be had for $150 per dozen.