Google Video

I have not been very impressed with [url=]Google Desktop[/url]. Perhaps because it was the last thing I did before my hard drive crashed, but [url=]this looks pretty cool[/url]! 😎

All Is Right with Firefox

I have been using Firefox since version 8x. In addition to the tabbed browsing (if you’ve never you’ve gotta), I am crazy about the extensions available. I am using a total of 29 extensions; from BBCode, WebMailCompose (works with Gmail) to my alltime favorite Session Saver. This extension remembers all tabs that you have open when you shutdown and then reopens all of them, including history, when you reopen Firefox. As I am typing this I have 1, 2, 3,… 18 tabs open. Many are links from within various blogs that I want to go back and read. Now, if I don’t get to them tonight they will be there tomorrow.

I was actually a bit disappointed because I did not see this extension on Firefox’s extension pages. Alas, Google to the rescue. I even found an Session Saver extended version which is what I installed and am now happily using. I did so miss Session Saver since moving to version 1.0 of Firefox, but now all is right again. Might I recommend that you too Get Firefox!.

Well, that was fun.

It started with the infamous hourglass. Only this time it never let up. Oh well, I’ll just Ctrl+Alt+delete and shutdown; it’s not like I’ve never had to do that before. OK, there we go… wait a minute. What was that blue screen with all that verbage? Hey wait! Oh, there it goes powercycling all on it’s own. This can not be good.

Well, after several attempts to recover, restore and generally revive what was my laptop, I came to grips with my hard drive having crashed. Actually, the guy on the phone from Compaq telling me that my error number indicates that my hard drive crashed, pretty much sealed it. I received the replacement drive from compaq and have pretty much rebuilt things to where they were. There are however, several files I would really like to get off the old drive. I have a 2.5″ to 3.5″ adaptor coming tomorrow that will be my last hope in this regard. I tried ghosting an image from the drive, but was never able to get past the integrity check Symantic feels is important to run before lifting an image.

I have an old laptop running RedHat FC2 and was using that to keep up with my regular visits on Bloglines, but was not really in the mood to post myself, but this too has passed…


We are finishing a Sunday School series on 2 Kings and I am still so confused with names of the Kings and their families; actually, most of the people of the Old Testament. In addition to the linguistical calisthenics one must go through in attempting correct pronunciation, there is the jumble that Jewish history becomes to me because I am unable to get my head around these names. Well, this morning at work I began to look at it a bit differently. When dealing with involved and complicated databases, I typically alias some of the more complicated tables within my SQL select statements so I am not stumbling over my inability to correctly recall what the DBA determined was suitable table names. This would allow me to know King Jehoshaphat as kj1 and King Jehoram as kj2 while King Zerubbabel would simply be kz1. This maintains the integrity of the database as the DBA intended, but allows me access to the data all the same. While the DBA personally knows King Jeroboam, I would be able to learn the necessary details from:

select kj3.*
from JEROBOAM kj3
where kj3.DEEDS = ‘Evil in the eyes of the Lord.’;

Humor me, it’s Monday!

Cool, but Pointless

Admittedly this is way cool, but I’m afraid I don’t completely get the point. Canesta has developed what is essentially a keyboardless keyboard. OK, so it makes traveling lighter and it has a tremendous cool factor, but you can’t feel the keys. I am an atrocious speller to begin with and I imagine my lazy pinky finding rest on the tab key or my fat thumb unintentionally sending me to the menu bar. But… it is very cool.

Now, for interesting but not nearly as cool. FrogPad is selling a one-handed keyboard. Out with QWERTY and in with FARWP. Now it is not that this old dog resists learning new tricks, I actually use an alternate layout on my PDA (FITALY), but FrogPad requires multiple key strokes for a single letter. Can you say “hand cramp”?

Well, how about some worthwhile use of technology? eDOT is convinced that technology can “help us further God’s kingdom”. Their focus is electronic Discipleship Outreach and Training by providing “creative outreach and training tools to assist the church in Europe in fulfilling the Great Commission.”